Zumtobel Supplies Lighting Solution for Oslo Airport

The Zumtobel Group of Dornbirn, Austria, and its brands have equipped the new terminal at the Oslo Airport with an LED lighting solution. More than 21,200 Thorn and Zumtobel brand LED luminaires with Tridonic technology inside were deployed. Moreover, Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) supplied and installed a well-planned emergency lighting and a lighting control system. The total order amounted to more than 5 million euros.

Another area airport has also contracted ZGS have with the retrofitting of emergency lighting systems.

Avinor, the company the operates and manages the Oslo airport particularly needed the luminaires at the new terminal to visually match the existing lighting in other areas of the airport. The Zumtobel Group was the only firm could meet these requirements with, custom-made LED luminaires engineered specifically for the airport. According to Zumtobel Group, the new lighting solution fits in seamlessly with the new building’s architecture and also matches the ambiance in the older part of the building.

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Zumtobel Group solution illuminates Oslo Airport

Zumtobel Group lighting solution illuminates Oslo Airport


Oslo Airport benefits from the LED lighting solution

The luminaires boast superior energy-efficient and have an extremely long projected life-span, compared to other lighting systems. The ZGS Skyscanner, a daylight gauge head, continually measures the incoming sunlight and adjusts the lighting to ensure that in each space, a small amount the LED lights add a small amount of artificial light to create the perfect combination of natural daylight and artificial light.

The control system also accounts for the color of the natural daylight and transfers the same color (color temperature) into the artificial lighting inside the terminal building.

Philip Widner, vp sales region Northern Europe, Zumtobel Group, commented, “We are very proud to have supplied one of the most renowned and modern airports in Europe with our state-of- the-art lighting solutions. The wide product portfolio of our brands made it possible to meet all of the requirements at Oslo airport and to deliver the perfect solution for a project of this size and complexity.”