XtraLight Focuses on LED Lighting for Data Centers

XtraLight Manufacturing based in Houston, Texas, recently launched an additional focus on data center LED lighting. The new focus comes after research revealed that data centers could apply the best management energy-efficiency measures and strategies to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. The company points out the research found more specifically that data centers can improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) by up to 25% when data centers switch to energy efficient LED lighting combined with advanced sensors and controls.

Conventional lighting can warm a room and force HVAC systems to work harder to keep data center areas cool. However, LED lighting does not produce as much heat and reduces the load on HVAC systems in data centers.

“Not only are many existing data center lighting configurations inefficient, they also tend to lack in customization and controls. This is where our new controls and sensor ready LED fixtures can make a substantial difference,” said Jerry Caroom, CEO at XtraLight.

Fixtures with the occupancy controls incorporate sensors that that can detect when a person enters the space and automatically turn lights on. The sensors can also detect when a person leaves an area to trigger the turning off or the dimming of the lights. This configuration ensures that only active areas are illuminated, thus reducing energy consumption.

XtraLight says it offers these features in a range of lighting options for data centers, such as general lighting (the LED Round High Bay), aisle lighting (the LED High Bay Aisle Lighter), and inspection lighting (the LED Inspection Luminaire). Also, for data centers with lower ceilings, XtraLight offers recessed lighting, and the company supplies exterior and security/landscape options to prevent criminal activity.