Xicato Makes XIS Wireless Nodes Commercially Available

Xicato Intelligent Sensor (XIS) node

San Jose-based Xicato announced the immediate availability of Xicato Intelligent Sensors (XIS). XIS is a family of compact wireless nodes that transmit sensor data over the Xicato GalaXi™ Bluetooth network. Applications for this sensor data include lighting, environmental management, and other potential IoT uses. XIS comes in several battery-powered or wired configurations that permit sensing of temperature, motion, ambient light, relative humidity, and device motion.

Xicato points out that its XIS family of wireless nodes is already deployed in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ref: Coverage).

The XIS nodes wirelessly communicate over Bluetooth directly with light sources including Xicato Intelligent Modules (XIM), or those that Xicato Intelligent Driver (XID) powers, which the company introduced just last month. According to the company, because there are no delays related to extra hops to hubs or central controllers, sensor control response can be instantaneous. XIM and XID devices have built-in control intelligence including sensor response, which can respond individually to one or more other lights as well as responding to one or more switches, sensors, local mobile or remote BMS commands.

XIS Can be Used for Several Applications

Some of the first XIS applications include occupancy detection that activates lights and maintains light levels when occupancy is detected. Then, the lights can slowly dim after a programmed time-out period. Daylight compensation can use feedback from XIS lux sensor to limit light output to a preset maximum level so that the net of ambient light that the sensor detects meets local and regional building codes.

Another potential application includes an environmental control in which HVAC systems are adjusted based on temperature and humidity data provided by the XIS. This data is gathered remotely through the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG) and brought to a centralized building management system (BMS) which can activate the HVAC controls.

An additional application includes the use of the sensors nodes to monitor the exposure of artworks to damaging light and then optimize and minimize that artwork exposure based on both occupancy and lux level reported by XIS.

XIS can also enable remote occupancy tracking and analytics including heat maps provided by 3rd party software that are based on XIS data remotely gathered through XIG.

XIS Power Source Specs and Communication Protocols

The XIS nodes are currently available as PCBA only, XIS01 can be powered using any 6V to 56V DC power source, including standard 24V or 48V power supplies. The nodes can also be mounted in a housing that is suitable for low voltage tracks, ceiling or wall mounting, or powering with a standard DC “wall wart”. The XIS02 node is battery powered and can offer years of operation using just a standard CR2450 3V coin cell battery.

The nodes broadcast their sensor data over Bluetooth Low Energy v4.1 for detection by light source related sensors and other devices that understand the Xicato GalaXi™ protocol – including the XIG, which can perform remote environmental data collection and analytics. Xicato intends to announce standard Bluetooth Mesh compatibility in 2018.

XIS can also transmit multiple, simultaneous Bluetooth beacons, including iBeacon, Eddystone and Alt Beacons. This capability enables real-time, indoor, location-based information and navigation services.

Xicato offers XIS with a 7-year, 50,000 hour warranty.