Wadden Sea Centre Employs Wirelessly Connected LED Modules from Xicato

The Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stretches 500 km along the coasts of The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The site is a biologically rich, dynamic land and seascape that serves as a habitat animals including seals, birds, porpoises, dolphins, and crustaceans, many of them regionally endangered.

Wadden Sea Centre

Wadden Sea Centre — exterior

The Wadden Sea Centre (WSC) located in Ribe, Denmark is a new facility, completed in 2016. The WSC is located literally on the beach of the Wadden Sea. The Centre is a museum that communicates the amazing story of 15 million migratory birds that use the preserve to feed and rest during their long transcontinental journey.

Sculpted Birds at Wadden Sea Centre

Luxeon High Power

The Centre’s new exhibition “The Wadden Sea – 15 million birds migrating” delivers an aesthetic, fairytale exhibition about The Wadden Sea as seen through the eyes of migratory birds. A beautiful staging area begins the visitors’ journey with the birds and then follows them in large flocks up into the sky (as seen to the left).



Wadden Sea Centre

Wadden Sea Centre 

Pastel, and gel-tinted lighting as well as multimedia projection against the backdrop of plain white walls.
The lighting and media projection create a wonderfully soft but dynamic environment for study, contemplation, and even entertainment.

JAC studios worked with Jason Bruges Studio and No Parking to create the exhibition that is in harmony with migratory birds. The exhibition’s unique design balances the goals of communicating ideas and knowledge with beautiful aesthetics.

Fortheloveoflight worked with the architect to devise the lighting scheme for the exhibit, which inhabits the space as an integrated design element, without being technically imposing.

Xicato Modules Went into Luminaires Known as ‘Birdbeamers’

Mike Stoane Lighting in the UK, manufactured the luminaires he called the “Birdbeamers,” a visually simple and flexible low voltage lighting system with bespoke luminaires. The Birdbeamers clamp to the lighting rig for easy mounting and focusing. The wirelessly controlled Birdbeamers use the Xicato Artist Series of LED modules. The Artist Series offers a both a color rendering index and R9 index above 95.

The wirelessly controlled Birdbeamers use the Xicato Artist Series of LED modules. The Artist Series offers a both a color rendering index and R9 index above 95.

The wireless control technology of the XIM Gen4 from Xicato was critical for designing a simple fixture that could “perch” on the mounting beam like birds on a wire, without the distracting driver boxes.

Modules Enable Wireless Control of the Luminaires

Nikolaj Birkelund, the lighting designer for the Fortheloveoflight, was particularly sold on the Xicato XIM Gen4 because of its ease of commissioning and control, and its potential to integrate the museum lighting with the immersive multimedia experience. The system allowed light level adjustments to be performed iteratively from within the space in hours rather than days.

“It was essential for the final result to work wirelessly and dynamically with the lighting design during commissioning,” Birkelund said.

XIM Gen4 Modules Also Enable Indoor Positioning

The XIM Gen4 combines iBeacons, URI Beacons, and Alt Beacons that can enable user apps to find a person’s inside location and Wi-Fi can transmit data about the nearby exhibits related to the migrating birds and tidal flats.

Xicato says that the Wadden Sea Centre was among the first to test its Intelligent Gateway (XIG), which creates an intelligent Bluetooth network that can be connected to the WSC MediaLON local area network for controlling the multimedia projectors, audio, lighting, and building management.

XIM Gen4 comes with light emitting surfaces of 9mm2 and 19mm2,CCTs of 2700K to 4000K CCT, and six specialized color formulas.

WSC facilities managers can not only control the lights with the XIG, but can also get real-time feedback on each light’s status such as light intensity, temperature, power (W), input voltage, and operating hours. The availability of this data helps ensure that everything is working exactly as desired.

Xicato also asserts that XIG and XIM Gen4 also ensure that the WSC intelligent lighting network is future-proof. XIG can be programmed to respond to any combination of command and sensor inputs, and multimedia programming. And according to Xicato, both will be field upgradable to the Bluetooth Mesh standard expected in the second half of 2017.

“The XIM Gen4 is amazing!” exclaimed Rikard Lundell of Rebel Lighting when he saw a demonstration. “I have been in lighting controls for many years, and the instant response, flexibility, and ease of commissioning of Xicato’s solution is light years ahead of anything else I have seen.”