Tri-State LED Continues Lighting Upgrade of 94 Office Buildings for Brookwood

Tri-State LED of Greenwich, Connecticut USA, a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies, reported its continued partnership with Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC to provide LED technology solutions for its 94-building national office portfolio. Across the 94 buildings, the offices span a total of 7.3 million square feet, Brookwood is a renowned real estate private equity firm headquartered on the north shore of Boston.

Brookwood’s multi-year lighting retrofit program is underway, and the retrofit is projected to reduce light fixture energy use by more than 65%. Once completed, Brookwood expects an average project payback for each of the buildings of about three years.

Tri-State LED suplies LED lighting for Brookwood offices including 501 Office Center Drive.

Tri-State LED supplies LED lighting for 94 Brookwood office buildings including the building at 501 Office Center Drive.

Tri-State LED began the extensive lighting retrofit in 2016 with a comprehensive assessment of the lighting at several Pennsylvania facilities totaling 1.6 million square feet. The goal of the program is to make the lighting at Brookwood offices as energy efficient as possible.

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“We made the decision three years ago to upgrade all of our property common area and exterior lighting to LEDs in order to make our property’s more energy efficient and to lower utility costs and are always looking for ways to reduce operating expenses across our growing portfolio,” said Matt Brown, vice president and asset manager for Brookwood.

Tri-State LED examined common interior areas such as hallways, restrooms, and stairwells, as well as the building’s exterior and parking areas. The company recommended the replacement of existing antiquated lighting, including fluorescent and metal halide fixtures, with LED solutions such as Revolution Lighting’s LED tubes.

So far, Tri-State LED has completed the lighting upgrade of 43 Brookwood’s office buildings throughout Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. An additional 15 buildings are currently underway in Florida. Tri-State LED expects to continue the installation program through 2019, retrofitting an additional 36 buildings in Texas and California. When completed, the retrofit will cover a significant portion of Brookwood’s entire office building portfolio with energy efficient LED lighting.

Tri-State LED says that it is continuing to work closely with Brookwood’s asset management team and on-site property managers throughout every phase of the multi-building installation project. As part of the collaboration with Brookwood, Tri-State LED is assisting with each property’s unique project requirements, such as conducting audits of existing lighting, developing budgets, selecting materials and products, and managing each installation project.

Tri-State LED Secures Utility Rebates

Additionally, Tri-State LED says it takes care of securing available state and utility rebates to reduce average project payback to about three years. The company has also recently begun helping Brookwood meet other lighting requirements, supplying LED lighting solutions for its tenant construction and prebuilt projects.

“We have invested significant up-front capital towards this initiative with Tri-State LED and have already seen tremendous returns on this investment,” Matt Brown said.

Brown concluded, “Throughout the project, Tri-State LED has been an excellent partner, expertly and seamlessly managing the process to ensure that we select the best products to maximize energy reduction and yield the greatest savings, while significantly reducing our carbon footprint. We could not be happier with the results.”

“We are proud to continue our work with Brookwood, delivering comprehensive, high performance LED lighting products with great ROI throughout its national portfolio,” Carrie Kaltwasser, regional manager,Tri-State LED, said.