Traxon Technologies Introduces Dot XLQ8 an RGBW Node Solution

Traxon Technologies, an OSRAM brand, has launched the Dot XLQ-8 RGBW, a customizable, dynamic LED node solution for a broad range of lighting and media applications. The high brightness and intelligent four-colors-per-node RGBW media dot design work with Ethernet communication and allow Remote Device Management (RDM), making it perfect for even the most complex lighting scenarios.

Traxon -- Dot XLQ8 RGBW LED light node

Traxon — Dot XLQ8 RGBW LED light node

The Dot XLQ-8 RGBW can replay color effects, complex lighting patterns, even video content and more where each dot acts as a pixel. Furthermore, the company says that the Dot delivers precise color effects using more than 16.7 million colors.

Users can control each individually auto-addressed node via E:pix or DMX. Traxon says that the Dot XLQ-8 features double the lumens per watt and triple the luminous flux the previous version, making it ideal for elaborate lighting designs and environments. With RDM and direct Ethernet communication, the system supports DMX for system configuration, programming and convenient monitoring of the installation. White adding algorithms automatically generate four colors (RGBW) per node from a standard three-channel standard RGB video signal.

Luxeon High Power

“We take pride in helping lighting designers and architects create unique, vibrant lighting environments that deliver a truly memorable experience,” said Dwight Kitchen, General Manager of Traxon North America for OSRAM Lighting Solutions. “Our latest RGBW media dot solution is flexible, highly customizable and supports remote device management, a key differentiator from other LED nodes on the market.”

Mounted on Flexible String

With its mounting on a flexible string, the Dot XLQ-8 accommodates a variety of irregular shapes and surfaces, allowing almost any type of lighting configuration in a variety of applications, including the retail, architectural, hospitality, and entertainment industries.

UV-resistant design withstands the elements enabling both indoor and outdoor installations. Traxon says that the new Dot XLQ-8 RGBW offers flexibility, remote device management, and ease of control for full-color lighting in applications of all sizes.