Thorn Introduces FLOW Outdoor LED Fixtures

Thorn Lighting announced the launch of Flow outdoor LED fixtures. Uniquely the fixtures come with six different mounting options including lateral, post top, and wall mounted as well as suspended, amenity, and cantenary. The flexible design also features a range of positive and negative tilting options and a total of 13 optical possibilities.

As a result, Thorn says that FLOW works for all kinds of urban outdoor lighting applications such as illumination of large urban roads, as well as the lighting of smaller streets and residential areas, city centers, cycle paths, car parks, train platforms, footpaths, and education and sports institutions.

Thorn introduces FLOW outdoor luminaires with six mounting options (three pictured).

Thorn introduces FLOW outdoor luminaires with six mounting options (three pictured).

Flow for Both Refurbishments and Retrofits

The company claims that the new fixtures offer a cost-effective LED solution for both refurbishments and retrofits. Thorn also says that its efficacy of up to 139 lm/W, allows the LED light to save considerable amounts of energy compared to conventional outdoor lightings solutions. The lights come with a 10kV surge protection device. Lumen packages of the fixtures range from 1700lm to 13,600lm. The design features tool-free gear tray maintenance.

Luxeon High Power

Corinne Delor, global product manager of urban streets said, “Getting the light distribution you need while keeping urban spaces looking clean and consistent is hard. That’s why we designed Flow to fit in everywhere. The combination of its understated, timeless design and huge variety of mounting and optical choices, gives users the freedom to create consistent, unified solutions for any urban lighting challenge.”

Flow will be available in May 2018.