Switch Lighting Introduces LED Replacement Lamp Claiming Output Equivalent to 100W A-lamp

Switch Lighting of San Jose, California USA, has launched an A series LED-based bulb that they are claiming provides a full 1600 lumen output and radial flux as good as the 100W incandescent that it is intended to replace. The Silicon Valley startup has generated a lot of mainstream buzz with its liquid-cooled designs, and futuristic look. The lamp is dimmable, and spec’d with a CRI of 80, and 4100K color temperature, putting it a few steps away from equivalence, but at 20 watts and an estimated lifetime of 25,000 hours, the Switch100 should offer performance advantages in a number of applications. The company states that the LM-79 testing of the product is in process, and should be available soon.

UC Davis Professor Michael Siminovitch, Design Program Director of the California Lighting & Technology Center (CLTC), commented on the SWITCH100, saying, “Switch has shown us an innovative design that is really paying attention to the thermal issues, and overall innovation, that really makes this a very positive next step in the move to replace incandescent lamps. When you see it, it’s clear that while it fits the A-lamp profile, it’s not constrained by how lighting has been done before. Combining that type of thinking, with good overall performance, will continue to help avoid the types of mistakes that made CFL adoption so painful in the US.” The CLTC has been recognized for its continuing success in its mission to stimulate, facilitate, and accelerate the development and commercialization of energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies through education and demonstration projects in partnership with a wide variety of industry stakeholders.

Switch’s announcement comes at the start of the National Facilities Management and Technology Conference in Baltimore, where Switch Lighting is giving demonstrations of the Switch100 to facilities professionals. In addition to the Switch100, the company is also showcasing their other LED A-lamps, including the Switch40, Switch60 and Switch75. Switch’s LED A-series lamps use a proprietary liquid cooling technology that the company claims is 40% more effective at cooling LEDs than other lamps. The company says that the cooling allows the LEDs to maintain their luminous output over the full lifetime of the product while being used in any lamp orientation or with any fixture type, including fully-enclosed fixtures as well as wet locations, which may be a first for LED A-lamp replacements.

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