Soraa LED lights Spotlight Merchandise and Showcase Architecture of Famous UK Tailor Shop Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves & Hawkes, a famous UK tailor shop, has incorporated luxury with function since its founding in 1771. The renowned tailor is known for outfitting the United Kingdom’s armed services and the British Royal Family as well as creating stylish yet classic suits for men.

The retailer’s approach to lighting design like the shop itself also had to be functional and refined. Gieves & Hawkes wanted to reduce energy costs associated with lighting, improve efficiency and highlight their custom craftsmanship.

Soraa  MR-16 LED lamps illuminate UK tailor shop Gieves & Hawkes.

Soraa MR16 LED lamps illuminate historic UK tailor shop Gieves & Hawkes.

Gieves & Hawkes and Teresa Hastings Design worked with Lightplan to create the best lighting environment possible, as part of a complete re-lighting plan. Lightplan’s designers evaluated the space and its lighting needs. The designers ultimately chose Soraa because of the products’ color qualities and flexibility of having beam adjustment. Specifically, Lightplan’s lighting scheme included different models of Soraa’s VIVID MR16 LED lamp.

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Lightplan’s scheme uses the store’s lighting to not only spotlight the beautiful merchandise but also to showcase the building’s impressive architectural features. Gieves & Hawkes wanted to respect the history and context of the original building without losing a bright and contemporary lighting design.