Siemens to Acquire Enlighted; Enlighted Makes Smart Sensor Upgradable

Siemens Building Technologies Division has agreed to acquire the Silicon Valley-based smart IoT system firm Enlighted Inc. In other Enlighted related news, Enlighted made its Smart Sensor (which includes five sensors in one: temperature, light level, motion, energy, and Bluetooth) and its sensor platform future proof, making both the hardware and software upgradable.

The companies did not disclose the terms of the transaction. However, the companies expect to close the transaction in the third quarter of 2018. Siemens indicated in a news release that it intends to use the acquisition to expand its smart building technology with digital sensing that offers advanced lighting control applications as a primary element.

Siemens Building Technologies Division to Add to Technologies for Improving Building Operations

Ultimately, Siemens Building Technologies Division wants to add to its technology that can improve building performance through obtaining multiple streams of data. Such building performance improvements can enhance transparency and efficiency of building operations.

Luxeon High Power

“Enlighted has a strong footprint in revolutionizing building intelligence by developing a multi-sensor-based IoT platform, using the power of data,” said Matthias Rebellius, CEO of Siemens Building Technologies. “With this move we are demonstrating our commitment to drive digitalization in the smart building industry.”

Enlighted offers an IoT platform for commercial real estate. The platform consists of multi-function sensors, distributed computing, its own network, as well as software applications. Smart sensors are at the heart of Enlighted’s IoT platform, securely streaming data to the cloud. Enlighted asserts that its IoT platform enables reduced energy use, improved space utilization, better environmental management, and enhanced asset utilization.

“With Siemens as a global partner, we will both accelerate innovation and market adoption of our smart building technologies on an international scale,” said Joe Costello, Chairman and CEO of Enlighted Inc.

Enlighted says it analyzes and visualizes the accumulated sensor data to bring down operating costs and improve the operation of a building. According to Enlighted, these sensors can be placed in every light fixture to collect data 65 times per second for the detection of environmental and occupancy changes and to react to lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) needs in real-time.

Enlighted Makes Smart Sensor Future Proof

In addition to making the hardware for the Smart Sensor upgradable, the company made the software wirelessly and securely updatable. Enlighted made this upgradability IoT-Ready compliant.

As part of future-proofing the Smart Sensor, Enlighted added the 32-bit ARM® processor and its expanded its memory so the device has the computing power needed to handle years of features and security advancements through automatic remote software upgrades. Enlighted asserts that these remote software upgrades let building owners unlock new capabilities as IoT technology and use cases advance.

Enlighted says that its Smart Sensor is also the first smart building sensor to offer easy hardware upgradeability in the field. So, customers can remove and replace the sensor with a new one during the LED lighting fixture’s 15-to 20-year life. The Smart Sensor comes in a small size. So, it can be housed in a separate carrier sleeve that allows toolless replacement without displacing the light fixture or ceiling tiles.

“The worlds of technology and building infrastructures move at vastly different speeds and with differing requirements,” said Joe Costello, CEO at Enlighted. “In order to bridge these differences, it is essential that smart building technology is not only easy to adopt by the building community but offers flexible upgrade paths that ensure longevity for the building occupants. We’ve created our 5th-generation sensor platform with unprecedented levels of power and upgradability to keep buildings brilliant even as the pace of IoT technology accelerates.”

Enlighted’s sensor platform also comes in multiple upgradable configurations, so customers can choose the capabilities and cost that make sense for their current project.