Seoul’s SunLike LED-equipped Desklamp Shown to Reduce Eye Discomfort and Improve Sleep Quality

Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. reported that a research study has shown that its “SunLike” LEDs for human-centric lighting can reduce eye discomfort and improve sleep quality. The research team of Biomedical Information Laboratory at Seoul National University College of Medicine in Korea has concluded that using SunLike based lighting, the eye discomfort is reduced considerably and the sleep quality is also enhanced compared to those using conventional LED lighting sources.

The study participants were adults including graduate students at Seoul National University, who often studying at their desk indoors. Each participant was directed to use the SunLike-equipped desk lamp and a conventional LED lamp for 3 hours before bedtime. The team also conducted a survey and analyzed the vital signs of study participants measured during sleep.

Subjective Survey Evaluation

The subjective survey-based evaluation revealed a significant decrease in eye fatigue and a marked improvement in sleep quality. The researchers also found that the exposure to the light before sleep reduced drowsiness, (not being refreshed) after a sleep and that this reduction was statistically significant.

Luxeon High Power

Based on the Analyzed vital sign measurements, the time it takes to fall asleep is 23% faster and the time to wake up from sleep was also improved by 43%. Therefore, the research team found that sleep efficiency as an indicator of sleep quality was significantly improved from 88% to 94%.

“We conclude that these effects are due to the stabilization of the autonomic nervous system rhythm, which is manifested by inactivation of sympathetic nerve and activity of parasympathetic nerve by SunLike based lighting,” said the research team of SNU. “Light affects people’s circadian rhythm. In order to improve biorhythm, we can adjust the light according to time zone and use a light source close to sunlight,” said the research team of SNU.

SunLike combines the latest optical and compound semiconductor technology of Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R phosphor technology, a sunlight spectrum reproduction technology, which is a registered trademark of the Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd. The TRI-R technology lowers the blue light peak, making the light similar to sunlight spectrum. Seoul Semiconductor asserts that the SunLike technology can contribute to maintaining a stable human circadian rhythms and improve the color clarity of objects.

Last November, Korea Testing & Research Institute gave the SunLike Series LEDs Eye Safety Certification for level RG-1, the highest level of safety. This is the level given to safe light sources without any photobiological hazards.