Royal Botanical Gardens Kew Orders Heliospectra LX60-Series LED Grow Lights

Swedish LED growlight maker, Heliospectra AB reported a new order from their UK value-added reseller Climate Controls Ltd. The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and at Wakehurst ordered Heliospectras fully adjustable LX60-series full spectrum LED grow lights. Delivery of the order valued at SEK 1.7 million (£ 150,000) will take place during the second quarter of 2018.

The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew serves as an UNESCO World Heritage site in Surrey, UK, boasts the largest and most diverse collection of living plants in the world. The collection features plants from arid, temperate, tropical, and alpine climates, that grow in the gardens and in controlled greenhouse nurseries.

The new Heliospectra LX60 LED grow lights will be retrofitted into the Tropical Nursery with the goal of enhancing plant quality with a more environmentally-friendly lighting solution. The Wellcome Trust Millennium Building and support glasshouse will use the LX60 grow lights.

Luxeon High Power

Heliospectra claims that its intelligent LX60 LED grow lights and software controls produce clear economic and business benefits for researchers and cultivation organizations around the world. Furthermore, the company contends that the LX60’s adjustable full spectrum LED technology helps growers improve quality, as well as accelerate harvests and production cycles while producing consistently high yields.

“As a leader and facilitator of glasshouse systems, we are constantly looking towards new innovative and more sustainable solutions. Heliospectra’s LX60 series delivers a reliable solution and the ability to adjust the light spectrum to a plant’s needs. This flexibility and control is precisely what the team at RBG Kew were looking for as they cultivate and grow hundreds of diverse species each year,” said Pierre Bisson director of Climate Controls Limited.

“The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is a world-renowned resource for plant propagation and knowledge,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO Heliospectra. “Our adjustable spectrum and market leading controls enable Kew Gardens and other botanical gardens to tune in on specific needs of hundreds of different plants to produce the high-quality crop they need.”