Philips YellowDot Technology for Indoor Positioning Wins At Lux Awards

Philips Lighting OEM UK reported one win and one highly commended component at the Lux Awards 2017. The annual Lux Awards celebrate both creativity and sustainability in lighting. Philips Lighting’s YellowDot Technology won the Connected Lighting Innovation of the Year Award. The award was presented in front of 800 senior lighting professionals at a gala event at the O2 InterContinental.

YellowDot Technology Serves as Open Program for Lighting-based Indoor Positioning

The company says that its YellowDot technology is the only open program that exists for lighting-based indoor positioning. The judges praised Philips Lighting’s YellowDot Technology for ‘bringing the power of GPS to indoor retail applications’. According to Philips Lighting, the technology gives OEMs the flexibility in purchasing luminaires from multiple parties, while gaining interoperability with Philips’ indoor positioning software for these luminaires.

Philips Lighting indoor positioning app using YellowDot technology

Philips Lighting indoor positioning app using YellowDot technology

Yellow Dot Program Lets OEMs Certify that Their Products Work with Philips’ Indoor Positioning

The company also has a YellowDot program serves as a luminaire certification program that lets manufacturers test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with Philips’ indoor positioning technology. In order to obtain this certification, the candidate luminaires undergo a variety of non-destructive tests. Philips Lighting issues the this certification to luminaires that pass the tests. The certification allows the manufacturer to place the YellowDot Certified trademark on its luminaire, and to advertise it as such.

Luxeon High Power

In the Enabling Technology of the Year category, Philips Lighting’s Xitanium SR Driver was also highly commended. The award category highlights exceptional advances in light sources, drivers, optics, thermal products, and materials. Philips says its Xitanium SR LED drivers simplify the adding of sensors and controllers into luminaires because they do much more than offer power conversion for LED lighting.