Philips Lumileds Launches CoB 1202 Arrays Targeted Towards Spotlights and PAR38 Replacement Lamps

Philips Lumileds has debuted its chip-on-board (CoB) arrays for PAR38 equivalent lamps, the Luxeon CoB 1202. According to the company, the array is ideal for spotlights, delivers 115 lm/W, which it claims gives it a 10% or greater efficacy edge over most competing solutions. The 115 lm/W is the nominal rating, with specific performance ranging from 95-130 lm/W depending on the array’s color temperature and CRI.

“The high efficacy, combined with our lineup of compatible reflectors and drivers, enables the most affordable PAR38 and spotlight designs to date,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director, Philips Lumileds.

The 9mm Light-Emitting Surface (LES)device is mechanically and optically compatible with the company’s 1203 devices, and can tap into the same component ecosystem. The 1202’s available CCTs rangs from 2700 to 5700K and CRIs of 70, 80 or >90. The typical output for a 3000K warm white, 80 CRI version is 800 lm when driven at 200mA. The warm white arrays allow drive current up to 400mA and can achieve a flux of 1500 lumens. The high CRI (>90) versions provide an R9 of >80 for higher color rendering applications such as retail downlights and spotlights.