Philips Lighting Launches Philips Lighting Foundation

Philips Lighting has launched the Philips Lighting Foundation. According to the foundation’s website, the goal of the non-profit Philips Lighting Foundation is to “unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.”

The foundation revealed on its website that it applies technology, expertise, and resources, to give access to light, and increase awareness about the importance of energy efficiency for protecting the environment and supporting humanitarian interventions. Philips Lighting Foundations recognizes that artificial light is a vital part of our lives, and that a the flick of a light switch can transform dark areas into areas for working, learning, and creating.

While many take lighting for granted, Philips says that about 1.06 billion people do not have access to electric light. And for such communities without access to artificial light, the day’s productivity ends at sunset.

Mobility After Dark Limited without Lighting, Philips Lighting Foundation Notes

The foundation points out that without street and area lighting, mobility after dark can be limited and simple activities such as washing and sanitation can be dangerous.  Notably, without light, during night hours, children and adults cannot study, shops cannot do business, and emergency relief workers cannot help people.

Instead of electric lights many families turn to costly and potentially dangerous coal, wood, kerosene, or candles for illumination. According to the foundation, about 1.5 million people die each year from using kerosene lamps, which cause fires and respiratory illness.

The organization’s overall mission is “to enable sustainable access to light to underserved communities.” The foundation reports that it is working with NGOs and communities around the world to bring electric light to where it is most needed.