Philips Launches SlimBlend LED Lights for Replacing Fluorescents in Offices

Philips Lighting has introduced the SlimBlend LED lights that take the place of fluorescent ceiling lighting. The company says that the luminaires meet the demand for lighting designs that blend with the ceiling architecture. At the same time, the new LED lights consume less electricity and last much longer, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

According to Philips Lighting, the SlimBlend luminaires use the ‘trapped’ light under the masking to produce a subtle glow, which has a soft transition to the edge. The soft glow lowers the perception of direct brightness and blends the light into the ceiling.

SlimBend Luminaire Includes Sensor

The company points out that SlimBlend can also be part of a connected lighting system and an IT infrastructure. An integrated sensor makes it ready for connected lighting systems. The system enables data about usage to be collected to help further reduce energy costs and improve employee comfort. Also, the slim design reportedly makes the installation of technical equipment in the plenum easier. Moreover, thanks to the variety of mounting methods, Philips Lighting contends that many ceiling types can take advantage of this luminaire family.

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Philips Lighting SlimBlend Rectangular ceiling mounted luminaire

Philips Lighting SlimBlend Rectangular ceiling mounted luminaire

SlimBlend comes in rectangle, square, and round shapes, and can be recessed, surface-mounted, suspended, or wall mounted. Philips Lighting says that the SlimBlend offers a favorable balance between initial cost and ROI, making it the perfect option for
delivering exceptional quality light and providing a quick return on investment for offices. The company claims that the light will pay for itself in as little as three years.

The luminaires come in 3000K and 4000K color temperatures and feature efficacies of up to 107 lumens per watt (LPW). The luminaire employs the company’s Micro Lens Optics. Potential applications for the SlimBlend LED luminaires include the lighting of schools, offices, and healthcare facilities.