Philips and Cisco to Partner in Offering Connected LED Lighting through the IoT

Philips of the Netherlands and IT network company Cisco announced a global alliance that intends to increase energy savings, building efficiency, and employee productivity through connected LED lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT). The alliance combines Philips’ LED-based connected lighting system with Cisco’s IT networks.nCisco networks can connect light points in the Philips system, equipped with sensors and software applications. This lighting network creates an information pathway and helps enable new services.

Philips intends to offer power over ethernet as one way of powering and controlling the LED lighting using Cisco networks. Together Philips and Cisco aim to deliver increased connectivity, comfort and efficiency to buildings. When connected lighting is equipped with sensors, it can become intelligent in sensing and measuring the environment. Philips gives the example of occupancy sensors providing information about space utilization to help reduce costs.

Philips says that in offices, typically, lighting is responsible for 40 percent of a building’s electricity use. According to Phiips, managing, integrating and controlling a Philips connected lighting system with Cisco networks can result in 80 percent savings in terms of energy and maintenance for lighting. One benefit of connected lighting is that office workers can personalize and adjust LED lighting to their preferences and tasks using a smartphone app. The smartphone app can also access other building services through a communications network.

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Bill Bien, SVP, Head of Strategy and Marketing, at Philips Lighting, said, “Our alliance has two of the world’s biggest and trusted lighting and connectivity brands working together to bring the Internet of Things to life in offices and commercial buildings across the world. Customers will receive the best energy efficient lighting experience in the connected world and be able to use information acquired from their connected lighting system to save energy, reduce costs, improve productivity and optimize their workspace environment. Lighting that is connected to highly secure, reliable IT infrastructure will form the backbone of the smart office of the future.”

Edwin Paalvast, SVP EMEAR, Cisco and executive sponsor of the Cisco – Philips Alliance, commented, “By partnering with Philips, we are delivering a reliable PoE-powered LED lighting solution using a highly secure IT network.”

Cisco is installing a Philips connected lighting system at its Canadian headquarters in Toronto to showcase how Philips and Cisco can work together to offer connected lighting and IoT for offices.

“The possibilities of this connected lighting system are endless,” said Richard Lees, Senior Project Manager at CBRE Limited, a commercial real estate and investment services firm. “There are so many capabilities of this system that we haven’t even explored yet.”