Norlux Introduces Two New Warm Dimming LED Technologies

Norlux of Elgin, Illinois USA, has introduced two new “Warm Dimming” technologies for LED light engines. According to Norlux, both DC systems, which work with a variety of light engine types that the company designs,  offer unique advantages to lighting OEMs.

Norlux’s first Warm Dimming system is patent-pending and includes a module on the light engine itself. It allows a standard DC output constant current driver to power the board.  The light engines include LED chips with both cooler and warmer CCTs in a variety of CCT ranges for dimming.

The second system is a driver-based solution for luminaires under 25W and can include pc-Amber LED chips or low CCT white LED chips for broader dimming spectral power distribution (SPD). According to Norlux, the higher CCT LEDs do not diminish the color stability and efficacy at >70% phase angle.

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The company contends that control through a forward-phase line-voltage dimmer enables both designs to follow an incandescent dimming curve in a more natural way than competing systems. The dimming technology is suited for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential uses.

The company will demonstrate its Warm Dimming technology at LightFair, and the technology is available to OEM customers now.