Nichia Commences Patent Infringement Lawsuits Against Seller of LED Light Bulbs

Nichia Corporation reports that on October 28, 2011, it filed two patent infringement lawsuits in Tokyo District Court to enjoin Tsannkuen Japan (Sankun Nihon Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, hereinafter “Tsann Kuen”), a subsidiary of a Taiwanese company, from infringing Nichia’s patent (No. 4530094, or “094 patent”). The 094 Patent concerns the technology of combining photo-luminescent material (like a phosphor) with a blue LED. It is reportedly employed in many white LED products.

Nichia is claiming damages for alleged infringement regarding LED light bulbs that Tsann Kuen manufactures. This lawsuit follows the provisional injunction action that was pending at the Tokyo District Court with Tsann Kuen as the defendant and Unity Opto Technology Co. Ltd., a Taiwanese manufacturer of the white LED used in the light bulbs.

Nichia also claims that Tsann Kuen sold LED light bulbs with E17 bases (product number: TK-BE05L, TK-BE05N). Nichia alleges that the the light bulbs also infringed 094 patent. After discovering the the alleged infringement, Nichia says it began another lawsuit related to these light bulbs. Nichia hopes to enjoin the company from committing any further alleged infringement and to obtain alleged damages based on the patent.

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