New Espen Hybrid Type A+B Linear LED Lamps Operate with Fluorescent Ballast or Wired Directly to Line Voltage

Espen Technology launched a new line of hybrid Type A+B linear LED lamps. What makes these LED-based linear lamps hybrid is that they can operate with a fluorescent ballast (plug & play, Type A) or can be directly wired to line voltage (ballast bypass, Type B).

The new UniFlex TLEDs come in linear T8 2-foot, 3-foot, and 4-foot lengths, as well as U-bent models. The Uniflex lamps have double-ended installation (DE), work with dimming ballasts, and are compatible with controls and sensors. Also, the lamps are frosted to prevent glare and have a 325-degree-wide beam angle. They operate on 120 or 277 VAC and come with a 5-year warranty.

Espen Technologies introduced hybrid linear Type A+B LED lamps that operate with a fluorescent ballast or can be directly wired to voltage source.

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The company plans to release the hybrid Type A+B linear LED lamps in volume in late October, 2018. Espen also intends to release 2-foot, 3-foot, and 4-foot inventory by late December 2018.

John Clancy, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Espen, stated, “Espen’s A+B lamps allow end-users the reduced labor of a plug & play solution. Then in the future when their fluorescent ballast eventually fails, they can run line voltage to the lamps without replacing the lamps nor the ballast.” Clancy added, “Our distributors can also benefit by consolidating TLED SKUs to reduce their inventory carrying costs. Espen continues to have the largest selection of linear retrofit solutions in the industry.”