Lynk Labs Gets Partners for AC LED Technology

Lynk Labs, Optek, American Bright Optoelectronics, and Brillianz will be collaborating,
according to LEDs
. Lynk Labs with its NRP (no return path) AC LED and BriteDriver
AC LED driver technology is collaborating with Optek, American Bright Optoelectronics,
and Brillianz to offer LED lighting solutions with AC capability. TT Electronics
Optek, makers of the dome-shaped Lednium series LED packages, will reportedly
offer solutions incorporating Lynk Labs’ technology. American Bright Optoelectronics,
makers of 3-W NovaBright LEDs will produce a 12-watt fixture with four of its
NovaBright LEDs and a Lynk Labs’ AC LED driver. Brillianz will reportedly
use Lynk Labs’ technology to with their SnapBrite LED lighting systems
which directly replaces fluorescent tubes.