LocusLabs Partners with Acuity For Indoor Location Services

Acuity Brands, Inc. reported that LocusLabs, Inc. has joined the Atrius™ Internet of Things (IoT) partner program. LocusLabs intends to enable its location-as-a-service platform to use the Atrius IoT platform’s location-based services (LBS) and indoor positioning services (IPS). LocusMaps, the LocusLabs indoor mapping and navigation application, powers navigation apps in hundreds of millions of mobile devices used at retail malls, airports, multi-floor buildings, and campuses.

LocusLabs to use Acuity's Atrius Navigator API to develop better location-based services

LocusLabs to use Acuity’s Atrius Navigator API to develop better location-based services

The application is intended to make it easier to discover, search, and navigate large, complex indoor locations.

Atrius Navigator the Atrius platform software development kit (Atrius Navigator API) from Acuity Brands, lets IoT application developers use data from the Atrius Sensory Network to provide location-based services and indoor positioning services. The Atrius Sensory Network is powered by luminaires and employs a combination embedded Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) and Visible Light Communication (VLC) technologies. Using BLE and VLC technologies the LED luminaires can act as all-in-one access points for indoor and adjacent outdoor environments.

Acuity says that the platform makes it unnecessary to have additional components such as stand-alone location beacons that demand separate installation, and power, and can also require additional maintenance.

LocusLabs to Use Atrius Navigator SDK

LocusLabs plans to leverage the Atrius IoT platform and Atrius Navigator software development kit to upgrade mapping and pathing applications to provide a simpler navigation experience for visitors and enhance business operations with improved traffic flows and quicker time-to-destination.

“Through its Atrius IoT platform offering, Acuity Brands is incorporating location-based services into the fabric of buildings, and a ubiquitous solution is exactly what is needed going forward for an optimal user experience,” said Campbell Kennedy, CEO and Co-Founder of LocusLabs, Inc.  “By using Atrius IoT services and sensory network, LocusLabs’ location-as-a-service software platform can deliver the most accessible solution in the market for all building stakeholders to leverage their smart building investment.”