LG to Launch LED Lights That Emit Less Blue

LG Electronics Inc. reported on Monday that the company intends to introduce an LED lighting product portfolio that emits less blue light, which is easier on the human eye. The consumer electronics firm based in South Korea has displayed 14 new products for commercial use under the brand LG Smart Lighting Safe Blue.

The company said the new lighting products emit less blue light, which is deemed a possible eye hazard because it can penetrate 60 percent deeper into eyes and may even cause damage. Blue light is also linked to other potential health concerns including disrupting sleep patterns and even more serious issues such as hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancers.

LG Electronics also plans to release residential lighting products following the release of the commercial lighting products.

Luxeon High Power

The company is also delving into IoT-connected lighting products. “By releasing high-end and efficient solutions based on the distinctive technologies, we will lead the local market for smart lighting products,” the company said.