Lemnis Lighting Prices 200-lm LED Replacement Bulbs Under $5

Lemnis Lighting of San Francisco, California USA, announced the debut of three lines of its popular Pharox LED replacement bulbs. The new lines of Pharox replacement bulbs target residential and commercial customers. The company points out that its 200-lumen Pharox BLU, breaks the $5 price point with a suggested retail price of $4.95 sold exclusively through pharox-led.com.

Lemnis claims that all three product lines, the Pharox BLU, Pharox XL and Pharox PRO – offer customers what they need from an LED bulb without piling on added cost for features that aren’t necessary for their situation. Lemnis also introduced the and Pharox BLU 300 at $6.95.

Warner Philips, Co-Founder of Lemnis Lighting stated, “Pharox LEDs are well-designed and now in range of every American’s wallet, with a pay-back time of 6 months to 2 years and an expected lifetime of more than 10 years!”

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