LED Downlights from Acuity Brands Illuminate New Worship Facility

Southland Christian Church installed more than 160 Incito™ LED
recessed downlight and cylinder luminaires from Gotham®, a division of Acuity
Brands, Inc. The Incito luminaires replace the church’s traditional
tungsten-based house lighting systems. The Church also installed a variety of
lighting and controls solutions from the Acuity Brands portfolio, including
Avante® surface-mount luminaires, DOM LED downlighting and RT5 volumetric
fixtures from Lithonia Lighting®. Sensor Switch® occupancy sensors were also
installed throughout the facility to reduce energy usage in unoccupied

In 2010, the Church purchased an abandoned mall in Lexington, Kentucky. to
serve as its third campus, which would feature classrooms, open space for
public gathering, and a 2,800-seat auditorium for worship. The Church
specifically needed a house lighting system that could be both pendant-mount
and recessed, and illuminate an area with a wide range of ceiling heights from
12-feet to 40-feet.

“Theatrical or performance-space lighting designers like me want full
said Matt Cooper, Lighting Designer for Southland Christian
Church. “And, I want [dimming] to be smooth. And when I say smooth –
I want it to act like tungsten [lighting]. The fact that Incito LED downlights
provided dimming from 100 percent down to less than 1 percent, and the fact
that [the dimming] was a smooth curve was advantage number one.”
second advantage, according to Cooper, was the 2700K color temperature of the
Incito downlights, which mimics the warm feel of tungsten lighting.

Luxeon High Power

Incito LED downlights are available in lumen packages from 2000 to 6500, 10
beam spreads from 20- to 70-degrees, and four color temperatures from 2700 to
4000K. Additionally, Acuity says that Incito LED downlights are fully RDM
(Remote Device Management) compatible, enabling individual control of each
fixture. The downlights are also DMX (Digital MultipleX) compatible and
integrate with the Church’s theatrical lighting controls.

Incito LED luminaires “allowed us to reduce down to basically just
20-amp relays,”
said Matt Cooper. This eliminates the need for large
96-channel theatrical dimming racks that Southland’s other locations use. His
estimates of the costs savings for hardware and labor attributed to the
lighting installation to be $50,000 to $60,000.