Idemitsu Museum of Arts Installs Soraa LED Lamps

LED lighting firm Soraa, reported that the Idemitsu Museum of Arts in Tokyo, Japan has installed Soraa VIVID™ lamps. Idemitsu Museum of Arts is the impressive art collection of Sazo Idemitsu (1885-1981). The artist created the extensive collection 15,000 works over the course of his 96-year life. The collection includes Japanese paintings and calligraphy, East Asian ceramics, and select Western paintings.

Soraa Vivid LED lamps illuminate Idemitsu Museum of Arts in Tokyo

Soraa Vivid LED lamps illuminate Idemitsu Museum of Arts in Tokyo

When the Museum opened in 1966, Idemitsu who has since passed away said, “A museum is an art piece created by the people, therefore, the presence of Japanese originality and beauty is essential. Its most important duty is to continue its collection of art masterpieces, not only for the education of the present but for the preservation of the artworks for the coming generations.”

Yoshihiro Oshimo, the lighting designer at the museum, selected Soraa’s VIVID lamps to replace the dated halogen lamps.
Oshimo wanted to achieve an atmosphere inspired by Idemitsu’s passion for art. He chose Soraa lamps for their outstanding color quality, crisp whiteness rendering, tight beam control, and Flicker Free™ technology to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Luxeon High Power

“We provide the public with a welcoming and relaxed space to rest and take time to fully appreciate the beauty of works in the Idemistu collection. Soraa’s full-spectrum light brings out the colors in the pottery and porcelain perfectly,” said Yoshihiro Oshimo, Idemitsu Museum of Arts. “What’s more, Soraa lamps have the long life the museum desired.”

Natural Whites and VIVID Colours

Soraa claims that its lamps provide the optimal rendition of colors and shades of white. To achieve this, Soraa paid special attention to the well-known red-rendering index R9 and to the state-of-the-art TM-30 color rendition method to produce a natural saturation with a precise rendering of specific colors.

Soraa says it has developed its own calculation method for faithfully rendering white tones. This white-rendering calculation underpins Soraa’s Natural White™ technology. According to Soraa, the careful optimization of these techniques for enhancing color rendering results in rich, authentic colors, and infinite shades of white like natural sunlight offers.

Uniquely, Soraa’s LEDs are fabricated using pure gallium nitride substrates. Unlike conventional LEDs, Soraa says its LEDs emit light in every color of the rainbow including deep reds and the usually neglected portion of the spectrum, violet. This full spectrum reportedly enables the accurate rendering of vibrant colors, and all shades of white.