Hong Kong International Airport Cuts Luminaire Number in Half with Thorn Lighting

Hong Kong International Airport has established itself as the busiest cargo airport in the world. It processes more than 65 million passengers each year. The airport handles more than four million tons of cargo annually and serves as a passenger hub for destinations in Asia and beyond. The refurbished Terminal 2 with check-in facilities and a stylish Sky Plaza shopping and dining area covers over 140,000 square meters. While the site continues to grow in both importance and numbers, the refurbishment of Terminal 2 has allowed the airport authorities to reduce energy consumption from lighting as well as lower the total number of luminaires that the airport uses.

Thorn Lighting illuminates Hong Kong International Airport

Thorn Lighting illuminates Hong Kong International Airport

HiPak LED high-bay from Thorn

In addition to meeting the airport’s desire for a sustainable lighting solution, the LED lighting also had to meet stringent lighting-design criteria. The goal was to replace the existing LED lights with a product that could use indirect light to ensure high uniformity and a generous average lux level. Having previously installed Thorn products in Terminal 1, the airport authorities contacted the Zumtobel Group APAC regional office in Hong Kong about a lighting solution for the Terminal 2 refurbishment project.

The Zumtobel Group suggested the Thorn HiPak LED high bay. The client was immediately impressed by the lighting quality and the efficiency of the robust HiPak LED high-bay. They found that one HiPak fitting could replace two of the original LED luminaires, because of the HiPak’s powerful lumen output and high efficacy. At the same time, the stable color temperature could avoid any changes in tone at the edge of the light beam for consistent light color and quality.

Luxeon High Power

Thorn Worked with Hong Kong International Airport to Develop New HiPak Version

Thorn worked closely with the client to develop a novel new version of the 250W HiPak. The new customized product combines a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin with standard lens technology to maximize precision and minimize light waste. For the refurbishment project, more than 700 fittings were carefully installed and aligned to take advantage of the high reflectance of the white ceiling structure.

The HiPak luminaires create a comfortable lit environment for passengers and workers when the natural
daylight begins fading. HiPak also meets the specifications for the project for functionality and durability. The IP65-
rated fitting is protected against dust and moisture. Integrated cooling fins let air pass through the luminaire for better heat dissipation.

According to Hong Kong Airport Authority, the installation of HiPak luminaires from Thorn has helped the airport take its green design concept to a new level. “We thought that new LED luminaires would give us an improvement in efficiency, but we never expected to be able to cut the number of fittings by 50 percent. This was obviously great news for us, but ultimately it was the excellent lighting performance that confirmed our decision,” a Hong Kong Airport Authority representative said.