Guadalajara, Spain Gets Philips Connected LED Streetlights with CityTouch System

As part of a renovation of Guadalajara’s public lighting, Philips Lighting has installed 12,000 Philips LED connected street lights. Philips CityTouch street lighting management software manages the streetlights. Energy services provider Ferrovial Services completed the project. Philips points out that its CityTouch system allows Guadalajara City Council to precisely monitor, control and manage Guadalajara’s entire network of street lights through a secure web browser.

Guadalajara, Spain at night -- Philips Lighting

Guadalajara, Spain at night — Philips Lighting

The system lets lighting managers monitor the performance of individual LED street lights in near real-time and dim or increase brightness in particular areas, such as at busy pedestrian crossings or public squares. Upon the completion of the installation, Guadalajara immediately began saving on electricity for the lighting with a 68% decrease in electricity usage compared to its previous lighting system and an annual CO2 emission reduction of nearly 4,200 tonnes.

About 60 km northeast of Madrid, the city of Guadalajara has about 85,000 residents. The city offers a robust tourism trade, which will receive a boost in the coming months after the Brussels-based European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation (ACES Europe) chose it as a 2018 European City of Sport.

“We were keen to implement a sustainable public lighting system that not only provides our citizens and visitors with the light they need today but which is also scalable and flexible to meet the future needs of our city. What we now have is a smart new digital infrastructure that gives us the option to connect sensors and offer smart city functionality if we so wish,” said Antonio Román, mayor of Guadalajara.

Group control Group Control and Monitoring Increases Operational Efficiency in Guadalajara

Guadalajara City Council wanted to be able to remotely monitor and manage its light points and also the 198 street cabinets located throughout the city. Philips CityTouch system makes this possible for the first time. For The remote monitoring and control of cabinets enable power outages and leakage to be detected and resolved swiftly, for savings of both time and money. Philips says that the system also helps Energy Service Company’s (ESCOs) to more precisely manage power consumption from the grid.

Philips City Touch’s asset management software offers managers a map-based view of the city’s lighting assets including street lights and cabinets. The system also shows workflows so that maintenance crews can be quickly scheduled to resolve any issues.

“Our connected street lighting is already contributing to a safer, more attractive environment for the citizens of Guadalajara and is enabling the city to realize savings in energy and operational efficiencies. It joins more than 1,000 other connected streetlighting projects we’ve implemented in 37 countries around the globe,” said Josep Manel Martinez, president and general manager at Philips Lighting Iberia.