Georgia Power to Bring LED Lighting to Roadways in State of Georgia

Georgia Power reported that it decided to establish multi-year partnerships with local governments to bring LED lighting to roadways across the state. Georgia Power Lighting, which specializes in commercial, industrial and residential outdoor lighting and LED lighting, is managing the LED roadway lighting project. The company owns and maintains about 400,000 roadway lights for local governments. Georgia Power says it is in the process of converting thousands of high-pressure sodium (HPS) roadway lights to new energy efficient LEDs.

The company says that the LED lighting upgrade is available to cities and municipalities within the state upon request. So far the company has installed more than 50,000 LED roadway lights in Valdosta Savannah, Conyers Abbeville, Atlanta and elsewhere.

“LED lighting offers long-term energy savings for our customers that offset the installation cost, as well as the additional value of overall higher light quality and longer life,” said Randy Young, director of products and services for Georgia Power. “We’re receiving very positive feedback from local governments, as well as residents and drivers, about the improved experience with the LED roadway lights.”

According to the company, LEDs provide a broad spectrum of white light, meaning human eyes can better see street signs, bicyclists and pedestrians. Additionally, the company notes thatLED light is directed more towards roadways, eliminating upward light, and the spread is more even without “hot spots” and dark areas. Most importantly, LEDs use less energy to produce the same amount of lumen output and deliver a significantly longer lifespan. The efficiency and the longer lifetimes of the LED lighting pays for the lighting as an investment and continues saving money during the LED lighting’s useful lifetime.

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