Futurium in Berlin Employs LED Lighting from Zumtobel

The Futurium, a new venue and a kind of museum of the future in Berlin, showcases issues, challenges, and opportunities, and risks expected in future. The Futurium intends to give visitors potential answers to questions about how will we want to live and how what might look. Berlin Futurium has established itself as the “House of the Future,” combining a platform for visionary designs, a future museum, a future laboratory, and a future forum.

This interactive location offers potential solutions to some of the important issues of tomorrow, including health, nutrition, energy consumption, cities, and housing, as well as the critical matters of work and economics. The three-floor venue provides abundant space to explore, discover, discuss, and experiment. Visitors are encouraged to actively exchanging personal opinions about the future of politics, business, culture, and science.

The architecture by Berlin architects Richter and Musikowski appears to represent the topic of the future, with high windows granting panoramic views and the abundant natural light from the glass façade that streams into the barrier-free exhibition rooms.

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Throughout the four-year planning and construction, Zumtobel served as a valued adviser to realities:united, a Berlin art and architecture studio contracted to devise the lighting design for the entire building. Zumtobel helped realities:united create three distinct solutions for the “House of the Future.”

The whole lighting concept reflects the layout of the Futurium and highlights the architectural division of the venue into three separate parts, the foyer and the events forum, the exhibition area, and the “Futurium Lab.” The individual rooms of the new building integrate various models of Zumtobel’s PANOS recessed LED downlight range including the PANOS evolution and PANOS infinity. A special black finish was specified for the surface-mounted and recessed luminaires with a flush-mounted installation and integrated emergency lighting.

Zumtobel's Panos LED downlights installed in various rooms of Futurium

Zumtobel’s Panos LED downlights installed in various rooms of Futurium

According to Zumtobel, the high luminaire efficiency and powerful lumen packages of the PANOS downlight family provide the best light quality and offer customized lighting solutions with a sophisticated and consistent design.

The ECOOS continuous-row system from Zumtobel delivers efficient direct and indirect lighting in the offices. According to Zumtobel, the unique union of direct, indirect, and lateral light enhances the overall visual comfort and ensures that ECOOS luminaires illuminate the spaces with superior uniformity and a light quality that maximizes the rendering of contrasting colors.

SLOTLIGHT infinity LED light lines from Zumtobel reportedly meet both the lighting and architectural requirements for the hallways. Also, SLOTLIGHT luminaires, which were integrated inconspicuously into the architecture, serve as a wallwashers.

Zumtobel’s modular INTRO M LED accent lighting solution spotlights the exhibits in the lower exhibition area.
The slim Zumtobel LINARIA light lined in a customized black color were selected for the stairwell lighting, with an integrated emergency lighting connection. The design positioned these alongside OPTOS downlights.

A special highlight in the foyer uses computer-controlled luminaires concealed behind a metal grid ceiling to create dynamic light patterns based on the flow of people on the ground floor. The interactive installation works in combination with motion detectors and DMX luminaires along with specially developed software from realities:united.

A series of DMX-controlled OPTOS downlights spreads the light into the

Zumtobel's Optos LED downlights extend light to outdoor area of Futurium

Zumtobel’s Optos LED downlights extend light to outdoor area of Futurium

outdoor area. These downlights mounted in cast-glass façade cassettes in the ceiling form a continuous and connected interactive light matrix that includes the entire ceiling canopy, stretching from the north to the south of the building over the entire foyer.

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a manufacturer-independent standard for easy and uncomplicated lighting control. A DALI interface was a crucial requirement for all luminaires installed in the building, enabling every luminaire to be individually managed and dimmed up and down via DALI short addresses.

Zumtobel was able to meet this fundamental specification with all of the selected luminaires.

As soon as a significant number of visitors enter a room, the light
automatically brightens. If a particular section is empty, the light switches to stand-by mode, which also helps reduce costs.

The center will host workshop weeks from May 30 to June 9, before the official opening in spring 2019.