Energy Focus Launches Connected LED Lighting Products

Energy Focus, Inc. of Solon, Ohio USA, announced its development of “Network-Ready,” dimmable LED lighting products, including dimmable tubular LED lamps (“TLEDs”).  The TLEDs operate in direct-wire mode (without a ballast) and dual-mode (with or without a ballast). Other network-ready products include an integrated, dimmable emergency backup TLED and a dimmable luminaire. Energy Focus will feature these and other newly developed products at the company’s booth (#5955) at Light Fair 2016 at the San Diego Convention Center on April 26-28, 2016.

Energy Focus’ new Network-Ready products incorporate industry standard (IEC 60929) 0-10 V dimming protocol.  As a result of this dimming control, power and light output of the Network-Ready lamps and fixtures can be adjusted via a variety of dimming control mechanisms and networks, such as wireless, broadband over power-line (“BPL”), and wired low voltage D.C. (“twisted-pair”).  The company expects its Network-Ready LED products can yield an immediate energy savings of typically 50% or more compared to fluorescent. Additional potential savings 20-30% of energy is possible by employing the dimming feature through daylight harvesting, dimming control, and occupancy sensing.

The Network-Ready dimming protocol covers a wide range of new products that the company is launching. These Network Ready products include next generation dual-mode Intellitube® and direct-wire “D-Series” TLED product lines.  Energy Focus also plans to introduce a fully integrated, Network-Ready T8 Emergency Battery Backup TLED that works as a standard lamp during non-emergency hours. The T8 Emergency Battery Backup TLED does not need external batteries or drivers to provide backup lighting during emergencies. In addition, the company is launching its first Network-Ready luminaire, the Panel-Light Series. The Panel-Light Series of fully integrated luminaires feature a modern, elegant design that can be employed in fluorescent retrofit, renovation or new construction projects.

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Energy Focus is in the process of completing regulatory approvals including the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification.  Upon completion of the process, Energy Focus expects to start taking orders and shipping the new products beginning in the second half of 2016.

“The ultimate guiding principle of our product development effort is to maximize the energy savings of LED retrofits while minimizing the cost of material, installation and maintenance, without compromising quality,” said Dr. Jeremiah Heilman, VP of Research and Development.  “TLEDs had been called ‘missed opportunities’ when it came to supporting advanced controls.  We saw that did not have to be the case, and innovated to build network connectivity and get dimming signals into the lamp in a simple and cost-effective way.”

Heilman added, “Our Network Ready TLEDs are designed to give our customers far better value propositions to achieve lighting connectivity without replacing the existing lighting fixtures with expensive and easily outdated new LED fixtures as LED and networking technologies evolve exponentially. The integrated emergency battery backup TLED and Panel Lights we are introducing also are expected to enable us to supply the whole spectrum of needs for fluorescent retrofit.”

James Tu, executive chairman and CEO commented,  “In addition to LED’s higher lumen efficiency, incorporating dimming capability into the internal driver already in our TLEDs is our first step to realize significant benefits by connecting lighting to its environment.  We believe that LED lighting has unique and outstanding potential to play a central role in the future of building intelligence, and we plan to continue to actively explore, research and develop powerful and economical IoT applications to be integrated into our product lines.”