Edward-Elmhurst Health Saves Big with LED Lighting Upgrade with Help of Fairbanks Energy Services

Fairbanks Energy Services, a full-service design, and build energy conservation firm, reported the conclusion of a series of energy efficiency upgrades for Edward-Elmhurst Health, which is among the largest integrated healthcare systems in Illinois.

The project resulted in a dramatic reduction in electricity used for lighting. According to Fairbanks Energy Services, this reduced electrical consumption using LED lights results in a lighting upgrade investment that should pay for itself in less than three years. The energy savings through lighting upgrades and other efficiency initiatives amount to over 15 million kWh annually.

Fairbanks Energy Services helps Edward-Elmhurst Health save big with lighting upgrade across three campuses.

Fairbanks Energy Services helps Edward-Elmhurst Health save big with LED lighting upgrade across three campuses.

At ten different locations across three primary Edward-Elmhurst campuses, the lighting retrofit took place throughout 2017. The turn-key solution project replaced or retrofitted more than 38,000 inefficient halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide fixtures with modern LEDs luminaires.

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Fairbanks Energy Services asserts that the lighting upgrade improved a variety of indoor spaces including common areas, offices, cafeterias, nurse stations, mechanical rooms, conference rooms, fitness centers, and parking areas.

Fairbanks Energy further enhanced the lighting at the Edward and Elmhurst campuses with the addition to existing lighting controls system at these locations of daylight harvesting, scheduling, and dimming capabilities.

The company scheduled the work on the lights in each area to minimize the disruption for patients and staff caused by the upgrades. The installers had to ensure that the power was always on in the mission-critical environment of the health facilities. Fairbanks Energy also took precautions to avoid potential contamination, such as using dust containment carts while installing fixtures in sensitive areas

Lighting Upgrade Reduces Electricity Consumption for Lighting by 30% at Edward-Elmhurst Health Locations

According to the company, annual electrical consumption for lighting at the Edward-Elmhurst Health locations has been reduced by 15,882,479 kWh, a 30 percent drop compared to previous annual lighting energy usage. The reduced electricity usage translates to an annual financial savings of $1,968,143 for the healthcare system.

The energy company says that the new lighting also brought other benefits such as improving patient comfort with the addition of customizable lighting options.

According to Fairbanks Energy, other benefits for the healthcare facilities include, enhanced working conditions for the staff, increased safety at the three campuses, and producing a tangible positive impact on the environment in the city of Chicago.

“I am delighted with the tremendous energy and cost savings that Edward-Elmhurst Health has achieved through this energy efficiency program,” said Rob Golden, Director of Midwest Business Development for Fairbanks Energy Services. “Their comprehensive efforts to conserve power have been impressive and an excellent example of the important role that modern lighting and controls can have on a company’s bottom line. Most importantly, we were able to optimize the different facilities without impacting the staff and patient experience during their stay.”

Mary Lou Mastro, System CEO, Edward-Elmhurst Health said, “Thanks to these efforts, our hospital system has benefited enormously from the reductions in energy and operational costs that the new lighting system has generated. Through this investment, the people who depend on Edward-Elmhurst will see increased benefits not only today but in the years to come.”