Eaton’s Ephesus LED Lighting to Illuminate Next Three Championship Football Games

Eaton's Ephesus LED Lighting solution illuminates US Bank Stadium

Power management company Eaton based in Syracuse, New York USA, reported that its Ephesus LED-based sports and controls system will illuminate the next three professional football championship games in 2018-2020. The championship football games are scheduled for Minneapolis in 2018, Atlanta in 2019, and Miami in 2020.

According to Eaton, the system that features its patented dynamic control functions offers greater control and capabilities for the elaborate half-time shows. At the same time, the system reduces energy consumption for lighting by as much as 75 percent.

Eaton asserts that its Ephesus sports lighting illuminates more uniformly on the playing surface and creates an improved stage for players and fans. Furthermore, Eaton says that the system is easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance for years, and operates at a lower total cost compared to conventional sports lighting systems.

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In 2015, the championship football game of Seattle and New England took place under the company’s Ephesus LED Lighting solution in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium was the first professional football venue to install LED lighting. According to Eaton, the Ephesus lighting solution gave fans the best view of the game while the proprietary controls allowed for the complete darkening of the stadium to enhance the spectacular half-time show.

“It’s no coincidence that our LED lighting solution was chosen by the venues that are continually being selected to host the biggest events in sports,” said Mike Lorenz, president, Eaton’s Ephesus Lighting business. “Our digital lighting solution creates one of the best stages for performers and the optimal viewing experience for fans at the game and watching on high-definition television.”