DLC Qualified Product List Now Features Self-Powered Easyfit LED Controls from EnOcean

The Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List (QPL) now features the self-powered, wireless Easyfit LED controls from EnOcean, a pioneer in energy harvesting wireless technology. EnOcean says that its customers across the US pursue new installation and retrofit projects with a solution on the DLC qualified product list may qualify for a higher utility rebate. According to EnOcean, this QPL solution can now operate without adding batteries to wireless installations.

EnOcean points out that the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless LED controls that can enable maintenance-free, ready-to-use LED lighting applications using energy harvesting technology. The company says its self-powered sensors and switches, coupled with LED luminaire controllers and a commissioning tool, allow easy configuration, grant intelligent local control, and permit an optional seamless integration into building automation systems.

The self-powered devices use energy harvesting instead of batteries to enable wireless control and sensing. Wireless without batteries allows facilities to minimize or even eliminate the maintenance costs related to monitoring and replacing batteries over the product’s life. This focus on reducing or eliminating certain long-term costs has become an essential component for long-life LED installations.

DLC-Certification for High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Lighting Products

The DLC-qualification of LED lighting control products and systems, ensures that they operate with a high level of energy efficiency and satisfy the quality standards set forth by DLC. In order to be listed on the DLC-QPL, LED lighting control products and systems must pass specific requirements for quality, performance, and efficiency.

“LEDs represent a significant advancement in lighting, and are ideally complemented by controls to leverage further energy savings, enable personal control, and meet regulatory requirements,” explains Andreas Schneider, CEO of EnOcean. “Wireless controls coupled with LEDs allow them to flexibly connect local and network controls to an LED system with significantly reduced installation time and costs. We are proud that our Easyfit LED controls are now qualified as DLC networked lighting control system, enabling building professionals to unlock the full potential of LEDs with simple, easy to install, maintenance-free solutions.”

DLC Operates as a Non-Profit Organization

The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) operates as a non-profit organization that promotes high-quality, commercial energy-efficient lighting products. Through partnerships with utilities, energy efficiency programs and the lighting industry, the DLC sets product quality specifications, aids though leadership, and offers technical expertise as well as information, education, and tools. Identifying and verifying the highest-performing products lets the DLC help utilities create better energy efficiency programs.

EnOcean wireless technology employs ultra-low power communication that allows for the self-powered, sensors and switches. The organization says that its Easyfit LED controls portfolio uses the EnOcean wireless standard (902 MHz frequency for USA and Canada). According to EnOcean, this standard delivers the maximum point to point communication distances within buildings.

Furthermore, the organization says that such wireless control solutions can be easily installed in existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting. Also, these wireless control solutions can enable daylight harvesting and task tuning.

While so far only the EasyFit LED Controls are on the DLC qualified product list, EnOcean offers a complete LED control portfolio. This LED control portfolio consists of LEDDU and LEDRU Fixture/Zone Controllers, occupancy and light level sensors, self-powered wireless light switches as well as the Navigan™ remote commissioning software.

These control solutions can be part of an IoT-connected lighting setup.