Deako Introduces Bluetooth Mesh-Enabled Smart Switches and Dimmers with Touch Panels

Deako has introduced a series of unique switch products for new home construction and renovation.The company’s new Smart Switch and Smart Dimmer employ the Bluetooth Mesh standard. Wes Nicol, with Deako COO explained, “It uses Bluetooth Mesh. Your phone communicates directly with the switches. Each switch repeats the signals to all the other switches.”

The company released a Simple “dumb” switch, a Smart Switch, and Smart Dimmer Switch. According to Deako, the Simple “dumb” light switch “provides a low-cost way for builders to make a home smart-lighting ready without incurring the cost of the smart switch. These Simple Switch can be easily upgraded by the homeowner to a Smart Switch or Smart Dimer thanks to Deako’s innovative click-out, click-in modular design.”

Wes pointed out that smart lighting in a home is especially tricky to do because a single home can have a whole lot of bulbs and thirty to even fifty in-wall light switches. Light switches in homes come with one to five switches across a back panel. For this reason, Deak offers the Smart Switch back panels that control up five switches and span a standard 5-switch back panel size.

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Deako introduced Simple "dumb" Switch, Smart Switch, and Smart Dimmer

Wes noted that generally, all standard multi-switch configurations are more complex than consumers want to deal with, unless they are renovating a home. He said that even standard three-switch configurations require the connection of something like ten wires. However, people doing new construction and renovation projects are willing to take on this challenge.

Bluetooth Mesh Makes Configuration Simpler than Conventional WiFi-Connected Lighting

One notable aspect of new construction is that home buyers generally do not choose internet service providers before they move in. So, with standard, (WiFi-connected) smart lighting, users would need professional help or would have to be particularly tech-savvy to install and configure all the hardware and software and would as need to set up a specialized hub.

According to Wes, after the Deako Smart Switches are installed, users of would only have to download the app and go through the app’s simple instructions for naming the lights and setting which switches go with particular scenes.

Bluetooth Mesh makes this a much simpler process. And whereas regular Bluetooth has a range of around just 30 feet, Wes says that using 120V mains electricity gives the device up to a 100 ft range if obstructed and even up to a 300-foot range if unobstructed. Also, unlike some other systems which only work with LEDs, Deako’s switches work with virtually any light type except magnetic low voltage lights. The Smart Dimmer does require dimmable lights.

Users Control the Lights Using the Switches and the Smart App

The Smart Switch product allows switching between scenes and the grouping of lights. The Smart Dimmer product enables these features and also enables the dimming of the lights. “When you are going through your day, you want different lights on at different times,” Wes said.


As with all smart technologies, Deako has designed the switch system to be easily upgraded either with an app upgrade over the air, or a hardware upgrade through the installation of a new switch product. In addition to these capabilities, the switches can work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

While Wes would not reveal any specific future products, he did mention the possibility of integrating their products with third-party systems and products as well as integrating sensors for applications other than lighting such as an alarm system, for example.


The switch and smart switch products are available at and are also now available at Additionally, the company plans to begin selling the switch systems through Amazon by the end of the week.