Cree Releases Next Generation of RSW Street Lights

Cree RSW Series Street Light

Cree, Inc. announced the next generation of its Cree®RSW LED Street Light portfolio. Cree’s additions to Cree’s RSW LED street lights include 2700K, 5000K, and 70 Color Rendering Index (CRI) configurations. The enhanced series also includes RSW™ Small and Medium models. According to Cree, these small and medium models offer clean, white illumination for roadways and warm, inviting light for residential streets. Cree says that both the Small and Medium versions provide superior efficacy with uniform and dark-sky friendly LED lighting.

“Cree’s RSW Series enables municipalities to save time, energy and resources with LED street lighting without sacrificing the comfort of residents,” said David Elien, Cree senior vice president and general manager, lighting. “The additional offerings ensure that community officials can address the unique requirements of each roadway application while using less energy and providing enhanced visual comfort without the glare of street lights spilling into neighborhood properties at night.”

The expanded series offers efficacy of up to 128 LPW and reduces energy consumption compared to High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) solutions by up to 70 percent.  Cree says that the new LED street lights can replace HPS fixtures ranging up to 150W.

Luxeon High Power

WaveMax Technology

The enhanced series of RSW Series streetlights employs the company’s WaveMax® Technology, to produce light with superior efficacy and color quality. Cree also claims that its WaveMax technology enhances visual comfort with reduced glare and provides high color contrast. The WaveMax technology uses the property of total internal reflection to gather light from within the geometry of the optical waveguides. Also, Cree says that unique microscopic features within the optical waveguides help uniformly and efficiently extract and deliver light with exceptional control.

Smart-City Ready

The output from the series of streetlights ranges from 3300 lumens up to 5000 lumens while consuming from 30 to 93 Watts. A standard NEMA 7-pin photocell receptacle makes the RSW Series smart-city ready.

“With so much discussion around LED street lighting, selecting the right solution can be challenging,” said Elien. “Cree believes choosing better light should be easy, so we have designed the RSW Series to meet the needs of everyone involved in the process: the buyer, the installer, as well as the people who live under them.”

The new members of the RSW Series like the previous members have a traditional cobra head design and are UL wet listed.
The RoHS compliant street light is Dark Sky Friendly and is IDA Approved when ordered with 2700K or 3000K CCTs.
Cree backs the RSW Series with its 10-year warranty, and the company sells the RSW series through its lighting sales channels throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit for more information.