Concept Illumination Supplies and Installs LED Lighting for Retail Building Exterior

BTB REIT, a real estate investment trust that owns 70 commercial, office and industrial properties in eastern Canada, wanted to convert older, energy-guzzling lighting to more efficient LED luminaires. The light conversion project was at the 4890-4898 Taschereau Boulevard building, a multi-tenant retail building located in Greenfield Park, Quebec.

BTB chose Concept Illumination to serve as its lighting partner for the project to enliven the building’s exterior with modern and efficient LED light sources. Concept Solutions, a lighting solutions provider, began evaluating the lighting needs for the site and worked with BTB through the whole project.

After the site evaluation, Concept Illumination selected the products and hardware, conducted photometric analysis, performed energy saving calculations, and installed all of the LED fixtures. The firm completed the renovation project in September 2017.

Luxeon High Power

The renovation project included pole-mounted parking lot LED lighting, for general illumination of the exterior area.

Concept Illumination Replaces High-Pressure Sodium and Matal Halide Lighting with LEDs

Concept Illumination supplies and installs LED lighting for Quebec retail building

Concept Illumination supplies and installs LED lighting for Quebec retail building exterior.

The lighting was intended to improve the security and the aesthetic of the building. The company replaced seventeen 400W fixtures (a mix of high-pressure sodium and metal halide) with 160W LED fixtures. In addition to painting all existing poles black and all bases yellow, Concept Illumination replaced a damaged pole and repaired a base.

The lighting solution included replacing wall packs around the building’s exterior walls, which again were a mix of high-pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures. Ten 50W LED products replace ten 175W wall packs. Also, Concept Illumination used 80W LED equivalent fixtures in place of 400W HPS fixtures to both improve security and reduce energy consumption.

Finally, for the pylon sign, which was illuminated by twenty 96W, 8ft, T12 fluorescent tubes, Concept Illumination exchanged the fluorescent tubes with twenty 48W double-sided LED lightbars and replaced the fluorescent ballasts with ten LED drivers.

“With both the parking lot and the exterior wall packs, the white of the metal halide competed with the orange color of the high-pressure sodium resulting in a patchy, unbalanced appearance,” said Daniel Herz, who headed up the project for Concept Illumination. “When we replaced them with the newer LED fixtures, we were able to achieve a much more even 4000K illumination, which greatly improved the aesthetics.”

BTB expects a 68 percent reduction in energy consumption for the lighting which will take the building’s annual consumption from about 59,000 kWh to about 19,000 kWh. All of the new lighting products feature a ten-year warranty.

“Our intent was to save on energy costs while improving the aesthetic of the property,” said Madeleine-Jane Brammer Lavoie, property manager and sustainability officer for BTB. “We are very satisfied with the significant savings and the final appearance.”