Clatskanie Schools to Convert to LED Lighting

The Clatskanie School Board (a district in Columbia County, Oregon USA) approved a measure to convert the fluorescent lighting in the two district schools to LED lighting, according to an article in

The article quoted Dr. Lloyd Hartley, Clatskanie Superintendent who noted that fluorescents contain mercury and that research has shown that fluorescents emit some ultraviolet light and create a buzz that can be disruptive for some individuals. Hartley expects the lighting conversion to pay for itself.

An incentive grant of $190,000 for the conversion will come from Clatskanie People Utilities District. The district expects savings of $30,000 per year in the electric bills alone. Additional savings is expected from reduced maintenance costs resulting from the long lifetime of the LED lighting compared to fluorescent lights they replace.

Luxeon High Power

According to the article, the new lighting will also be installed at the high school sports field, in the middle school gym, and at the district’s bus barn.

During its regular monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 26, Dynamic Energy Solutions, a Longview company, made a presentation about the potential of the LED lighting to the school board.

Soon, the district intends to request proposals to for competitive bids on the lighting conversion project.