City in India Launches LED Streetlight Control Room

On Monday at BMC Bhawani Mall in Bhubaneswar, India, a centrally controlled monitoring system for the city’s LED lights began operation, according to New India News Express. The computerized system turns on and off the lights according to a schedule. Also, electronic panels reflect the status of the each LED light’s functioning. The system instantly notifies if an LED light goes out. The efficient LED streetlights last much longer and use about 60 percent less electricity than the street lights that they replace.

The LED street light project in the city of Bhunbaneswar is funded through a unique financing arrangement in which private firm Superwealth will be responsible for installing, monitoring, maintenance, and repair, and replacement of the LED street lights over a ten-year period. In exchange, Superwealth will receive the savings from the LED system. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) does not pay any money upfront for the installation and monitoring.

So far, Superwealth has installed 13,000 LED-based streetlights. BMC plans to install the streetlights in the remaining areas in two more phases during which they will  identify poorly illuminated areas and dark stretches that need the lighting.

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