LED Lighting Controls

Philips Lighting Offering Lighting as a Managed Service with InterAct Office

Philips Lighting -- InterAct Office -- Man facing window and looking at data about energy consumption

Philips Lighting, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands has launched a new wireless connected lighting system. The company claims that the Philips InterAct Office system enables building managers to reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Also, Philips Lighting contends that without major office renovation the system can help optimize operations and …

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Cree Launches SmartCast Intelligence Platform and SmartCast Advisor App

Durham, North Carolina-based LED lighting firm, Cree, Inc. has introduced the SmartCast Intelligence Platform™. Cree says that the platform is an intuitive lighting system that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide smart building solutions through a combination of hardware, software, and services. Cree reportedly developed all of the …

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Stack Lighting System Used in Circadian Study at Senior Facility; Company to Carve Out Niche in Lighting for Seniors

Numerous studies have proven the health benefits and consequences of lighting. For example, the spectrum of lighting is known to affect levels of melatonin. Bluish white light (like a sunrise) is known to increase melatonin suppression and help people awaken. On the other hand, reddish-white light (like a sunset) has …

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Philips Lighting Introduces Connected LED T8 Retrofit Lamps Using EasySmart Technology

Philips Lighting Smart LED T8 with EasySmart Technology

Philips Lighting launched a product that the company says simplifies the path to connection ready lighting. The new product is called the InstantFit LED T8 lamp with EasySmart technology. The new EasySmart T8 lamps expand Philips Lighting’s existing InstantFit LED platform. Philips asserts that the new T8 LED lamps are …

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Administration Building and Parking Structure Get Dynamic LED Lighting

Acclaim Lighting illuminates Cedar Kettner Garage

In San Diego’s little Italy neighborhood, a striking new parking garage with a unique lighting scheme now sits at the corner of Cedar Street and Kettner Boulevard. The distinctive, $36million parking structure, built as part of the San Diego County’s waterfront project provides 645 parking spaces within the structure’s ten …

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Soraa LED Illuminate Share Office Space Known as the MESH Club

The MESH Club uniquely serves as a shared office space in Rosebank’s trendy Keyes Art Mile in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the lively surroundings, young creatives and established entrepreneurs can work, collaborate, and socialize. MESH Club founder and CEO Jonathon Meyer wanted lighting that was as brilliant as the company’s …

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Wadden Sea Centre Employs Wirelessly Connected LED Modules from Xicato

The Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stretches 500 km along the coasts of The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The site is a biologically rich, dynamic land and seascape that serves as a habitat animals including seals, birds, porpoises, dolphins, and crustaceans, many of them regionally endangered. The Wadden …

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Molex Deploys Transcend Connected LED Lighting System

Back in November, Molex of Lisle, Illinois launched the Transcend® Connected LED lighting system. The system uses power over ethernet and combines Cisco networking technology, with the Molex’s Transcend Software. Since its debut, Molex and its partners have rolled out the Transcend lighting solution in numerous offices. One of their …

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