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Cree Introduces XLamp XQ LEDs Delivering Breakthrough Size and Light Distribution

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Cree, Inc. has introduced the XLamp® XQ LEDs, featuring a unique combination of small size, novel light distribution and high reliability design. These features enable applications that require broader light distribution such as omni-directional lamps and fixtures. The XQ LEDs are Cree’s smallest lighting-class LEDs at just 1.6mm x 1.6mm, …

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A Leaner Bridgelux Showcases Products and Collaborates on Street Lighting

After the company’s ten year anniversary in December and the appointments of both a new CEO and chairman, Bridgelux has taken steps to be a leaner  and likely stronger company. According to our sources, Bridgelux of Livermore, California USA, apparently laid off about 50 employees before heading into the Strategies …

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Researchers (Incorrectly?) Conclude That Blue and Green Wavelengths Might Damage Certain Paintings — Updated

In her doctoral thesis, Letizia Monico, a researcher at Antwerp University and Perugia University showed that lamps which emit substantial amounts of light with wavelengths below 525nm (so green, blue and into UV) can damage paintings by some of the great masters.  Details of her research and findings were published …

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Taiwan and Japan Sign MOU to Promote Industrial Cooperation in 11 Industries Including LED Lighting and Solar

After a year of discussion, Taiwan and Japan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for an “industrial cooperation bridging plan” to promote industrial cooperation between the two countries in 11 industries including the photovoltaic and LED lighting industries. Specifically, the pinpointed 11 industries in the MOU, include wind power, …

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Osram Pushes Restructuring, Plans Reduction in Workforce of 4,700 by 2014

Osram, a giant among lighting manufacturers which is spinning off from Siemens, announced further structural changes including plant sales and the additional reduction of 4,700 jobs by 2014. The company indicated that cumulative measures of the restructuring program will result in savings of about 1 billion euros by 2015. Osram …

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