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LED Lighting Applications

Conventional Lighting Company, LSI to Acquire LED Lighting and Graphics Company, SACO

LSI, a maker of non-SSL architectural indoor lighting located in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, will acquire SACO, an LED graphics, lighting, display, and billboard company of Montreal, Canada. SACO Technologies Inc. is the company most known for producing one of the largest LED video screens in the world for the NASDAQ …

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DDP Develops Weather Proof LED Lamp Assembly for Emergency and Security Applications

DDP, an LED product maker, has developed an environmentally-sealed LED lamp assembly for emergency and security applications such as safety kiosks for college campuses and hospital parking lots. The kiosk design, for example, requires the illumination of a small area to clearly identify where an emergency alarm could be activated. …

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Reuters and NASDAQ Form Advertising Aliance

Reuters news agency and the NASDAQ stock market have announced an advertising alliance which will allow marketers to use the famous Reuters sign and the NASDAQ digital billboard together for advertising. The alliance dubbed Time Square 2 will offer for the first time, “roadblock” advertising on the south side of …

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