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Cree Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Compound semiconductor and LED pioneering company, Cree, announced that it is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its founding in 1987. The company grew from six founders in Durham, North Carolina USA, to over 2600 employees worldwide today. The company continues to innovate with its work in silicon carbide, gallium nitride, …

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Cree Revenue Falls, But New Products Begin Brisk Sales in Q2 Fiscal 2007

Cree Inc. of Durham, North Carolina USA reported a 16 percent revenue decrease for the second quarter of fiscal 2007 ending December 24, 2006, compared to the same period a year ago. Profit for the quarter declined about 6.8 percent compared to a year ago. For the first half of …

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Lynk Labs Gets Partners for AC LED Technology

Lynk Labs, Optek, American Bright Optoelectronics, and Brillianz will be collaborating, according to LEDs Magazine. Lynk Labs with its NRP (no return path) AC LED and BriteDriver AC LED driver technology is collaborating with Optek, American Bright Optoelectronics, and Brillianz to offer LED lighting solutions with AC capability. TT Electronics …

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