Acuity Introduces SiteView Energy Solution Using nLight ECLYPSE Controllers

Acuity Brands SiteView Energy solution dashboard

Acuity Brands, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia USA, launched its SiteView(TM) Energy solution. SiteView combines power metering devices and a digital dashboard. According to Acuity, it can create a detailed, real-time look at actual energy consumption within a building.  The SiteView Energy solution leverages software that is hosted within nLight ECLYPSE(TM) smart building-ready controllers, also from Acuity Brands. With the help of this software, building owners can track and analyze weekly, monthly and yearly energy data to identify trends and savings.

The award-winning nLight ECLYPSE controller employs available BACnet/IP and WiFi networks to enable reliable and seemless integration of nLight® lighting control systems from Acuity Brands with building management systems using the BACnet communication protocol. Acuity points out that its nLight ECLYPSE is also one of a handful of controllers with both lighting control and building management capabilities to earn a BACnet Testing Laboratories’ BACnet Building Controller (B-BC device) listing.

Acuity says that its nLight ECLYPSE now benefits from the new SiteView Energy functionality. The SiteView Energy solution supports up to five, revenue-grade power meters per nLight ECLYPSE device. Uniquely, the controller itself hosts the SiteView Energy edge application. The application features a graphical user interface that displays power consumption dashboards which are viewable from any PC or mobile device.

Capability for Property Managers/Owners

Acuity says that with the added functionality of SiteView Energy, property managers and building owners can examine energy consumption for a single tenant, multiple tenants or an entire facility with no programming required.

Users can compare load type or floor-to-floor energy consumption, pinpointing areas that consume more electricity.
Acuity points out that these energy usage logs can be exported and can even be submitted to local utilities to help qualify for utility incentive programs. Also, the SiteView Energy solution can assist building owners in complying with regional energy codes including New York’s Local Law 88 and Title 24 in California. In addition, Acuity says that property managers can use the SiteView Energy solution’s user interface to provide tips about saving energy and information on other sustainability initiatives.

“Lighting is one of the largest electrical loads in today’s buildings. Accurately metering this load easily as a part of the control system only makes sense,” said Acuity Brands Lighting’s Trevor Palmer, Vice President, Applications and User Experience. “The simplified, browser-based configurability and deployment of the SiteView Energy solution make it easier for building owners and property managers to see and manage energy consumption over time and help support their ‘green’ initiatives at a lower total cost than legacy systems.  nLight ECLYPSE with the SiteView Energy solution was the logical ‘next step’ in updating our unified lighting controls and building management systems offering, and further demonstrates Acuity Brands’ commitment to bringing innovative products and technology to market,” said Palmer.

Visit SiteView Energy for more information, or to find out more about other lighting control solutions from Acuity Brands.