ABS Headquarters Gets Lighting from Thorn and Zumtobel

The headquarters of ABS (Acciaierie Bertoli Safau), an Italian steel manufacturer wanted to mark its 100th anniversary with new lighting. The company wanted the lighting to optimize costs while providing enhanced lighting quality and improving safety. The enormous steel production site in the Italian province of Udine runs 24-hours-per-day. The site includes production halls, storage areas, and offices.

As the company specializes in long steel goods, the entire ABS site is designed to accommodate extended products. The full-time operation needed a lighting solution that would accommodate the large production areas. Furthermore, these production areas required the lighting to meet operational-safety demands and it must also be able to withstand the harsh environment of the production areas.

Thorn, Zumtobel, and Zumtobel Group Services, worked together to create a complete lighting solution for ABS.

Luxeon High Power

The company first tried the LED high bay Craft Luminaire from Zumtobel in indoor areas. The Craft luminaire, which comes in wide and narrow beam versions, can withstand ambient temperatures up to 55°C. initially. ABS initially tried using the Craft fixture in small quantities and then gradually deployed it throughout the facilities following the successful trial.

Zumtobel specially designed the dedicated narrow-beam optics for large warehouses to optimize performance and extend spacings between the luminaires. In addition, Zumtobel says the mechanical design of the Craft light prevents dust deposits, ensuring excellent thermal management and minimizing maintenance.

ABS factory floor

ABS factory floor illuminated with Zumtobel Craft Luminaires

The newly installed lighting system features the LITECOM lighting management system from ZGS. LITECOM lets users set dynamic or static lighting scenes with a regular tablet device.

A series of storage, logistics, and traffic zones make of the plant’s exterior spaces. For the first time in Italy, Altis Area floodlights with an asymmetric light distribution to comply with the country’s severe light-pollution laws.

The floodlights were mounted on 30-meter-high masts. So, a limited number of light points could illuminate the vast area where the goods produced in the factory are stored before shipment. The flexible Altis Area floodlight consists of three separate lighting modules, which can be combined with different optics and independently swiveled or tilted for setting the distribution to suit the application.

Road Network at ABS Illuminated with Thorn Isaro and Civiteq Road Lights

Thorn Isaro road lanterns and the latest generation of the Thorn Civiteq range now illuminate the sizeable road network that spans the ABS premises. In addition to offering high efficiency, the Thorn Isaro road lanterns and the Civiteq use a unique gasket system to guarantee reliable performance in all weather conditions.

ABS external storage area lit with Altis Area Floodlights

ABS external storage area lit with Altis Area Floodlights

The secondary storage areas and peripheral zones get lighting from Areaflood and Areaflood Pro floodlights. According to Zumtobel Optimum light control with minimal stray light guarantees pleasant lighting comfort and maximum safety in the dark. Additionally, Thorn R2L2 lanterns mounted close to the pedestrian crossings let drivers easily spot those moving around on foot.

Zumtobel says that the new lighting in the offices was planned to guarantee employees a comfortable environment throughout the day, and the system intelligently takes into account the amount of available

MIREL evolution from Zumtobel, an advanced form of the conventional louvre luminaire, helps provide a consistent design for offices, conference rooms, and corridors. MIREL offers soft light distribution and an elegant appearance. At the same time, the combination of LED technology, daylight-dependent controls, and reduced maintenance requirements result in significant savings in energy consumption and costs.

Overall, the company reduced its energy consumption for lighting by 70 percent.