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Smart Cities and IoT Bring us into Brave New World
This week I went to the SmartCitiesConnect 2017 Conference in Austin. When I later told people about the conference, I was inevitably asked, "What is a smart city?" The answer that I eventually…
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OLEDs of the Future Could be Curved, Corning Says

Beginning April of 2016, glass company Corning worked with OLEDWorks. In the first demonstration from their partnership, the companies unveiled a curved OLED panel. The flexible OLED panel uses Corning’s bendable glass known as WillowGlass and the OLED technology from OLEDWorks. Since then, Corning and OLEDWorks have continued their collaboration.…
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Acclaim Introduces Touch-Sensitive LED Panel

Acclaim Lighting, a Los Angeles, based lighting firm, has introduced the React Panel. The React Panel is a touch-sensitive LED panel for interactive surface lighting applications. The device features an onboard control mode that offers control settings for all of the attached panels including the settings for the touch overlay…

The Nhật Tân Bridge Brings Colorful Spparkle to Hanoi Skyline

Philips Lighting worked with a Vietnamese construction company, the Sun Group, to turn the Nhật Tân Bridge into an illuminated work of art in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and its second largest city. [caption id="attachment_248190" align="alignnone" width="800"] Philips Lighting of Nhật Tân Bridge to Hanoi, Vietnam[/caption]…

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Berkeley Lab Demonstrates Use of TLEDs and Automated Shades to Save Electricity

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) reports that it was able to use a combination of LED lighting and automated shades, on one floor of a high-rise office building in New York City to reduce lighting energy consumption by almost 80 percent in some areas. …

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Litetronics Improves TLED Lamp Efficacy

Litetronics International, Inc. of Bedford Park, Illinois, announced enhancements to its family of LED replacements for linear fluorescent lamps (TLEDs). Specifically, Litetronics improved the lumen per watt efficacy of it TLEDs.Litetronics says its newly enhanced line of TLEDs include replacements of T8 and T5 ballast-compatible products and both single- and …

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