July 22, 2024

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Zadarius Smith: I’m with the Vikings so I can play Packers twice a year

Zadarius Smith: I’m with the Vikings so I can play Packers twice a year

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Zadarius Smith He’ll play his first game with the Vikings on Sunday, but the cavalier will see plenty of familiar faces at US Bank Stadium.

Most of them will be on the other side of the field because the Vikings will open up to the Packers. Smith spent the past three years with the team before being released in March in a move that created quite a bit of cover space.

Smith saw him in his final year at Green Bay playing in two games – the opener and the 49th playoff loss – because he had back surgery that he believes has strained his relationship with the Packers. Smith said to Tyler Dunn go long That he “felt like shit went south” when he went for a second medical opinion that led to the decision to have surgery and become “nobody” on the team, which helped him join the Green Bay rival.

“Walk beside me do not say anything. “Z, how is your back?” – There was none of that,” Smith said. “You see, that adds to my reason for being on the other side. So I can go back. I have to go back twice a year. . . . I put my back on the damned line. I put everything. And in that third year, I was treated poorly. That’s why I’m here now. So, I can play it twice a year.”

Smith’s account ignores the fact that he originally agreed to a contract with the Ravens and retreat from it Shortly thereafter, but things seem to have gone in a way that should lead to Smith taking his full drive to the field to start the regular season.

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