March 24, 2023

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Your next American Airlines flight could be a bus

Your next American Airlines flight could be a bus

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picture: landline company

He is a sparrow. It’s a plane. In fact, it’s a bus.

Some passengers will be carried on connecting American Airlines flights On buses instead of planes According to the statement. The airline has signed a deal with Landline, a bus company that describes itself as the airport of the future (if the airport of the future runs out of planes). The company took to Twitter To say in part, “We are excited to announce our new partnership with AmericanAir! Seamless connections between the Philadelphia US hub to Lehigh Valley Airport (ABE), and Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), starting in June 3. “

The recent shift from clouds to asphalt comes amid rising fuel prices and a pilot shortage that has mostly affected regional airlines. Passengers will clear security in Allentown and Atlantic City before arriving at Philadelphia International Airport, where buses will take them to a special gate.

Landline has similar partnerships with United Airlines of Denver, which the company refers to as a “landline coach,” and Sun Country Airlines in seven cities across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Bus trips are suggested as a more convenient alternative to traveling between airports.

The trip from Philadelphia to Allentown and to Atlantic City currently takes about 30 minutes per flight. By bus, the journey takes about two hours. Which doesn’t seem appropriate at all. On the other hand, traveling by bus is more environmentally friendly than hopping on a plane. Buses release much less carbon dioxide into the air, which reduces carbon emissions.

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