May 26, 2022

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With 94.86% of the vote, the NO option leads in the vote on the Emergency Review Act in Uruguay | News

Electoral officials in Uruguay have advanced the scrutiny of the referendum vote on the Emergency Consideration Act (LUC), where preference for the NO leads to the purpose of voting.

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Election ban begins due to LUC referendum in Uruguay

According to partial results, with 94.86 percent of the vote counted, the preference for YES received 1,010,423 votes, while NO received 1,030,850 votes, while 27,239 Uruguayans received blank votes and 77,647 invalid votes.

“At the moment, they can not say that NO has won, there is nothing more powerful than a people who fight and change (…) We live in a civilized day that impresses. There are militants who are trying every day to change the reality of this government. The LUC does not understand the declining pensions and does not care about the needs of the people, “said Fernando Pereira, leader of the Broad Front.

“We are proud and our souls are constantly trembling at this time because our family has known for months that there are no weekends or holidays. There were difficulties and we are fighting until the last moment,” Pereira added.

As of this election day, approximately 2.6 million Uruguayans had been summoned and they decided whether to repeal 135 of the LUC’s 476 articles, which was the basis of President Louis Lagalle Bowe’s government program.

Similarly, the presence of former President Jose Mujica during the event highlighted the Uruguayan’s democratic and patriotic commitment, saying, “Success is not failure (…) we are party democracies, collective forces. We tend to symbolize things around an image, but not the witches in this story. He said.

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For his part, Lucia Dopolanski, a former senator of the Broad Front, promised that “the country will win if the articles stop being in place.”