September 30, 2022

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Why Victoria Beckham is worried her daughter Harper is joining ‘too scary’ social media

Why Victoria Beckham is worried her daughter Harper is joining 'too scary' social media

Victoria Beckham Not quite ready for her daughter to have an Instagram profile.

Previous sexy girls member sharing her daughter Harper Beckham10, isn’t on any social platforms at the moment, but the thought of that worries her.

explained in an interview with Vogue magazine Australia. “But considering how cruel people are, yes it really is [concern me]. “

In reflecting on how the body is distorted in the online world, Victoria pointed out that when they cross this bridge, communication is key.

“It’s at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it’s about making sure we connect a lot as a family and surround herself with cute friends,” she said. “But it’s so terrifying, I can’t lie.”

So, Harper doesn’t spend her time writing a caption on Instagram, but better yet – she has been known to write cute letters to her parents. In February 2021, Victoria took to her Instagram Story to share her A note written by Harper before bed.

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“Dear Mom, I love you so much and you are my best friend ever,” Harper wrote. “I love when we always do our makeup together, you are my heart and I love you, sleep well, sweet dreams Love Harper.”

But Harper’s words did not stop there. The 9-year-old also wrote a note to her father, David Beckhamon a yellow index card.


“Dear Dad, I hope you sleep well and have the best of friends,” the letter read. “You worked hard at work today and I’m so proud that I love you so much and slept well.”

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And while the world of social media may be a few years away, it looks like Harper will have no problem writing a post when that day arrives.

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